Importing old data

So I did an export of old data and then deleted / cleared down all to have a fresh start

It would be useful to import the old data for reporting / comparisons.

Is this possible.

I don’t mean a bank import. I mean historical transactions linked to envelopes ???

You should be able to re-import the exported CSV file back into your now-empty Goodbudget household. It will be like any other import where you’ll have to manually sort the transactions, but you can definitely put them back in that way.

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I downloaded my transaction history to a csv. How do I import the entire history? When I go to import, GB is asking me what account I want to import to.
There are several. Do i have to separate the transactions prior to upload?

Hi Lee, you can only Import into one Account at a time, so if you’ll choose one, knock out all the transactions, go to Import again, choose the next one, and so on.

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