Importing credit card transactions

What exactly am I supposed to see in a credit card transaction import page? The amounts listed have a plus sign in front of them, and the pop-up box asks if it’s a credit, transfer, or income transaction. I thought it was none of those, but i truly could be so wrong.

What format are you using? I find that the Quicken (.qfx) files are the easiest to import, with .csv files needing the most finesse. Is a Quicken download an option for you? If so, you’ll just need to drag each transaction into the appropriate envelope during the import process, and confirm the automatic matching of any you’ve already entered . Does that help?

I’ve been using csv. It seems to work normally on standard accounts with debits and credits; the credit card downloads are problematic. This may be part of why my accounts got so fouled up when I switched banks, because this has happened before. Can I use .qfx without having Quicken on the computer?

You should be able to use any of Goodbudget’s supported file types to Import regardless of whether or not you have the requisite program on your computer.

As for the original question, it sounds like your credit card downloads (as opposed to your bank downloads) are reporting Expenses with positive numbers, which Goodbudget is reading as money in, not money out. To fix this issue, you’ll have to edit your file prior to upload – this is fairly easy with CSV as many (most?) spreadsheet programs can open and edit them. If you just multiply everything in the Amount column by -1, you should have the desired result when you try to upload again.

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Thanks, that’s what I’ll do in the future. Meantime, I deleted all of the credit card transactions with reloading them in mind, and I adjusted the credit card balance to reflect a payment, but my balances with the other accounts are way off. Is there a way to retrieve those transactions or otherwise rectify this situation? Numbers is not my native tongue, it goes without saying.

If by “retrieve those transactions”, you’re asking if you can retrieve transactions you’ve previously deleted, this is not possible. Deletion of transactions is permanent and cannot be reversed.

However, if you’re trying to sync up your Goodbudget balances to your real life account balances, you can quickly do this by going to your Edit Accounts page and manually changing the Current Balance field to match the real current balances of your accounts.