Importing bank transactions

We are fairly new users, and are stuck with how to know where we left off importing bank transactions. I dont remember the exact date I last imported. Isn’t this going to risk duplicate transactions if the import dates overlap or missed transactions if I’m off by a day or two? This seems too time consuming compared to other programs that will automatically import, unless we’re missing something.

Welcome to Goodbudget. The Import process has a built-in function to track previously imported transactions and catch duplicates, so you don’t have to remember exactly when you last Imported. (note that certain banks provide files in such a way that the duplicate catching process doesn’t work, and in that case you’d have to remember, but it works well for most banks’ files)

When the duplicates are caught, they won’t show up to be imported a second time, so you won’t have to worry about importing the same thing twice.

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