Import matching and cleared transactions

I’ve noticed when importing CSV files and going through matching that the system doesn’t check against cleared transactions, which can lead to me creating new transactions, ultimately resulting in duplicate cleared transactions.

Is there something off with my workflow, or a workaround that I should be using when I’m trying to review and clear my transactions?

I’ll wait for the admins (@alex?) to weigh in on .csv imports, but if you’re able to import data as a Quicken file (.qfx) it will behave the way you want it to. This is my default for all imports and it works very smoothly. But I’m also curious as to why the .csv behaves differently!

Hi wordygwj,

Thanks for posting and sorry for the trouble! Goodbudget should be able to check the transactions you’re importing against your existing transactions, so you don’t accidentally create duplicates.

If that’s not happening, it might be because the Name, Date, or Amount of the transactions in your files are changing from file to file. To clarify, when you use a CSV file to import with, Goodbudget creates a special identifier for each transaction based on their Name, Date and Amount. If any of those pieces of information change, Goodbudget will think it’s an entirely new transaction and therefore allow you to import again. I’ve seen this kind of thing happen specifically with CSV files that had transactions that had not cleared in the Goodbudgeter’s bank yet. When the transaction finally cleared, the Name, Date, or Amount changed and resulted in them importing the transaction again. Hope that made sense!

Tiffany’s suggestion of using a QFX might work. If your bank offers them, feel free to give it a try. But, you might be better off filtering your CSV file for a date range that doesn’t overlap with transactions you’ve already imported. You could even edit your CSV file directly to remove transactions that are still pending, in case that was the issue.

Hope that helps!

I’m actually not seeing cleared transactions on the right column at all. If it’s been previously matched it (correctly, but perhaps unhelpfully) isn’t displayed in either column. If the Goodbudget transaction is marked as cleared, the transaction isn’t displayed, either.

I appreciate the QFX suggestion, but unfortunately the system I’m pulling from only offers CSV downloads. I’m willing to do the work by hand to match imported transactions to already cleared entries, but I need to be able to see the cleared transactions to do that.

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@Karisa, is this new? I don’t remember it dropping cleared transactions from the imported comparisons before, but I get the same behavior if I try to import a .csv. Why doesn’t it match them the same way the .qfx files do?
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Hi all,

I apologize, as I think I misunderstand wordygwj’s first post. I thought you were saying that you were seeing transactions you’ve already imported showing up in the Existing Transactions column, and therefore were creating duplicates.

I think you’re wondering why Goodbudget isn’t checking your Transactions to Import against transactions you’ve marked as Cleared. Is that right?

If so, the answer is, it should. As long as those transactions haven’t been imported before (which would mean they’ve been branded with a FITID), then Goodbudget should be serving them to you under the Existing Transactions column.

If that’s not what you’re experiencing, email us at and let us know which transaction(s) that you’ve marked as Cleared but are not showing on the import screen.

Of course, if I’m still misunderstanding you, please don’t hesitate to let me know :smiley: Thanks for your patience!