Import from Checking as of a specific date

I want to start using Goodbudget with a clean slate. Is there a way to import from my bank as of a specific date? I’m not looking to import my history prior to my upcoming paycheck.


Since Goodbudget doesn’t connect directly to your accounts, this is something you’ll adjust on the bank side. Most banks I’ve worked with will allow you to specify which dates you’d like to include in your transaction download, but if not then you can likely do this manually. Just download into a .csv file if that’s offered, then delete any transactions you don’t want to appear in Goodbudget before importing your file into the app.
Alternately you could import everything and then delete the ones you don’t want to see. This is easiest in a web browser, where you can check off multiple transactions (by clicking the icon under “Type” next to the entry) and then delete them all at once. If you’re looking to delete everything before a certain date, you could even sort the transactions by date and account, click “Type” which will select all transactions, and delete them with one click.
Hopefully one of these solutions will be an easy way to achieve what you’re looking for!

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