I’m confused by the math here

I’m a bit confused on some of the math here. Lets say I add an income of 1000. Of that 1000, I add my semi-monthly budget of 106.67 to one of my envelopes. After, it says I have 933.33 left in the sweep, which is a -66.67 difference. Why is it that I’m putting 106.67 into an envelope but it the sweep only subtracts 66.67?

I’m not entirely sure without seeing your screen, but it sounds like you’re using “Set” to make that envelope $106.67 when there’s already money in it. If that’s the case, only the difference will be added and the remainder will sweep. If you want exactly $106.67 to go in, try toggling over to “Add” that money instead, which should give you a larger balance in the envelope.
I hope that’s helpful!

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Hi Tiffany,

Would there be any other reason for this issue? I already had it on “Add”.

Hmmm…I can’t think of anything. For me personally I had the Add and Set toggles reversed at first because visually they made sense to me the wrong way, but it sounds like you’re confident that’s not the issue.
Wait—just to clarify, you’re looking at the amount to be swept, not the new Unallocated balance, right?
Hopefully the Admins will have a better answer, sorry!

Hi Jasperan, would it be possible for you to share a screenshot of what you’re seeing? That may help us figure out exactly what you’re looking at and try to make sense of it with you!

Sure thing.

Here’s my screen shots:

The first is me adding $1000 income.

Next photo, there’s 1000 in the sweep to start, I was adding money to “coop fees”.

Next photo, I added 115.56 to coop fees. It shows that it’s set to “Add”.

In the last photo, when I go out again, it’s added 115.56 correctly to the coop fees envelope but has only subtracted 66.67 out of the sweep?

How odd! Thanks for sharing that. Can you shoot us an email at support@goodbudget.com with the email address on your Goodbudget household so we can dive a little deeper into your specific household? Thanks!