I created an envelope for bi-weekly saving how do I transfer

I auto scheduled an envelope fill for a savings envelope. I am not sure how to move this money at the end of the month to my savings account? Should I do this a different way? TIA for any help

Moving money between envelopes is similar but completely unrelated to moving money between accounts. A fill only moves money between envelopes. You will need to schedule or perform an account transfer to move money between accounts. This is, of course, after you have actually transferred the funds between accounts at your bank.

A “Savings” envelope is just a place to put money you don’t want to spend on other things. That money doesn’t have to actually be in your Savings account.

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I’m not sure exactly what you’re doing, but it’s important to understand the relationship between envelopes and accounts. Accounts show your actual money, where envelopes show how that money is allocated.

So, if you’re filling your savings envelope from a paycheck that was deposited into your checking account. And now you want to move that money from your checking account to your savings account, then you’d just do an account transfer from your checking to savings. The balance in your savings envelope remains the same. Your checking account balance will decrease by the transfer amount and your savings account balance will increase by that same amount. Your net change for both checking and savings account combined is zero.

Personally the way I do it is by having a Savings: Checking Acct envelope and a Savings: Savings Acct envelope. This way I know how much in each account is actually allocated to savings. Since 100% of my paycheck goes into my checking account I automatically fill my Savings: Checking Acct envelope with each paycheck deposit. After a certain period of time I’ll make two transfers, one account transfer and one corresponding envelope transfer. The account transfer will include an actual physical bank transfer between your checking and savings accounts.

Though my method of having savings envelopes for both accounts, which is an extra step, I like it because it actually reflects what I’m doing in real life.

Thank you. That is an excellent idea. I think I was doing it backwards but after playing around a bit I think I understand. I appreciate your help

Thank you. Your response actually helped me understand the envelopes a little better. I appreciate the time you took to answer