How to see total amount budgeted for 2022

I’ve just gone through and updated my envelopes and fills (I don’t know why those aren’t linked?) and am wondering if there is anyway to see the total of all of my different envelopes to know how much I would spend next year if I spent exactly what was allocated. I have a ton of envelopes (weekly, every 2 weeks, monthly, every 2,3 months and annual) so I would love to be able to see the total easily rather than having to do a ton of math.

For the first part, lots of people don’t fill their envelopes the same way they’re budgeted. For example, people may fill half of a monthly amount with each paycheck, so the Fills and Budgets are independent to allow that.
For the second question, I’m thinking you could just multiply the total of your fills by the number of fills? For example, I may have a monthly fill that assigns a total of 1,000 across 10 envelopes (the total as shown on the right). So 1,000 x 12 would be my yearly total. Is that what what you’re looking for? There’s a bit of math, but not a lot if you’re only totalling the entire Fill vs. each envelope.

Another option would be to take the “total budgeted amount” from the Edit Envelopes page and multiply it by 12 (or whatever other number, if you’re not budgeting Monthly).