How to redistribute budget from over performing envelopes to underperforming (mid-month)?

Have some envelopes that I haven’t ended up using budget from and others that I have taken more than expected from. I would like to redistribute the cash between envelopes accordingly. What would be the best way to do this?

There are at least two easy options for you. If you only want to redistribute among a few envelopes, you can do Envelope Transfers to move money from one to another.
If you have several, you may want to transfer the excesses back into Unallocated and then do a single Fill from Unallocated to add money to several envelopes at once. These both accomplish the same thing but one will be simpler than the other depending on how many envelopes you’re manipulating.
Hope that helps!


Just to add one thing to the second option Tiffany shared: you can actually cut out the first Transfer step and just use a Fill from Unallocated with positive and negative Fill amounts if you have a good idea of how you want the money moved.

For example, let’s say you’re trying to move 200 from Envelope A and 200 from Envelope B into Envelope C. You could simply make a new Fill from Unallocated that “Fills” -200 to Envelopes A and B, and then 400 to Envelope C.

This requires you to do some maths (rather than using the Transfers to Unallocated then the Fill in a two step process), but if you don’t mind that, you can use a Fill as a “multi-Transfer” in this way!


Thank you for the suggestion!

This is the right solution for me thank you!