How to manage refinanced loan combined with HELOC and CC debt

I am super-bad with numbers and accounting. So I love Goodbudget. Now I have a complicated issue. Previously, I had a mortgage account and a HELOC account. I wanted to pay my bank back for my business expenses on their credit card, which were among those discharged when I filed for bankruptcy. The bank combined all 3 debts, (and reduced my interest!). I have NO IDEA how to make my Goodbudget reflect this change. The business debt hadn’t been on GB. But now the amount of that debt is added to my monthly payment and should be added to GB. I read some past forum posts, but they didn’t help me.
Part of my bankruptcy was to accurately track my budget, which I’ve been doing, but this has screwed me up.
Please, can someone help me? Thanks!

I think this will be easier than it sounds!
Regardless of the original terms of the loans/cards, it sounds as if you now have a single debt to the bank that you’re repaying. Is it safe to assume that your business expenses are now your personal responsibility under the combined restructured agreement?
If so, what I would probably do is manually edit the balances of the mortgage and HELOC to $0 (essentially paid off, but not from a specific account), then create a new debt for the combined total owed and reflect the new interest rate there.
Your total debt will be reflected accurately and your new payments should auto-populate given the updated interest, so your total will track until it’s paid off.
Does that seem like it will work?


It worked. Thanks!