How to fix debt transaction issue after reconciliation of account?

Each month, I have 3 transactions that are covered in 1 check that I write…two debt transactions and a third expense that goes into a different envelope. I know when reconciling statements to just mark all three of those as reconciled when I hit the one line on my statement.

Last month I was out of checks for the account (Account 1) that I normally write that check out of (and where the transactions are automatically scheduled in Goodbudget) so I wrote the check out of Account 2.

Today when I was reconciling accounts, I did a transaction import for Account 2, and it pulled in the check I wrote as a single transaction…I didnt even think about it because normally there is no issue with doing a transaction import for Account 2. After the import, I reconciled Account 2, and everything matched, so I finalized it.

When I then went to reconcile Account 1, I had the three transactions…so I opened them up and moved them to Account 2, and deleted the single, reconciled transaction out of Account 2. I expected to be able to edit all three transactions and mark them as reconciled after moving them to Account 2…but that was not the case for the debt transactions.

How do I mark these two debt transactions as reconciled?

You should be able to run a one-time Reconciliation to fudge those transactions in.

  1. Start up a Reconciliation for Account 2, and choose a Statement Date that includes those 2 moved transactions. (you can even choose the Statement Date you just Reconciled for again)
  2. Keep the Statement Balance and Previous Balance what they were for now and start.
  3. Check off those two transactions. Obviously you’ll be blocked from finishing the Reconciliation, but copy down the Left to Clear number and Postpone the Reconciliation.
  4. Start it again, but add the Left to Clear number you copied down to the Previous Balance field and proceed again.
  5. You should then be able to finish the Reconciliation and Reconcile those transactions, and since you kept the same Statement Balance and Date it shouldn’t affect future Reconciliations.