How to Adjust Account Balances without adding any transactions?


How do I adjust the balances of my account?
For an example,

The real amount of an account is $100
But in Goodbudget, it’s recorded as $80

So, without adding any specific transactions or so, I would like to just quickly adjust the balance of that $100 account to $80.

How do I do so? I try reconciling but it needs to be clear some balances or so?
But the thing is i just want to quickly adjust it from $100 to $80 without recording any transactions to minus off the $20.

How do i do that?

Hi and welcome! From your Accounts tab, you can simply choose Edit and change the amount in the account. This will enter a transaction in your ledger, but you can rename it “correction”, “adjustment” or something like that.
Hope that helps!

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