How much manual input is required?

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I’m new to this app… How much manual input is required to use this app Goodbudget?


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To use it to its full potential, you’ll be entering each transaction as it happens, the same way one used to manage a checkbook ledger. That way you have a real-time view of your money at any given moment.
There are ways to import transactions in batches, but that’s best for reconciling accounts and won’t do much to help keep you within your goals.
There is not a way to link the app to your accounts so that transactions are “fetched”, so it’s always secure and independent.
Bottom line, you’ll be entering each transaction (it takes 15-20 seconds in my experience) and ideally reconciling each account statement once a month.
I hope that helps!

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The amount of manual input stays pretty constant as long as you use GB, but the frequency depends a bit on where you are in your budgeting journey and what you want to get out of GB.

In the early phase when your finances are a mess and you’re trying to just put out fires, you want to enter transactions as close to “real time” as possible. Once you’re no longer living on the brink of overdraft at all times, you can shift to more of a daily data entry. Just save all your receipts throughout the day and spend a few minutes entering them before you go to bed. Personally, I am now at a point where I just save receipts all week and spend 30 minutes to enter them on Saturday and reconcile with my bank file at the same time.