How does the auto sync work?

How doe the auto sync work? Is there a button to click, or does the info download immediately when the program opens, or what?

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Yeah this takes some getting used to. There is no button to press to get updates/refresh like some other apps. They are just automatic. However, they only pull in new transactions once a day. And the timing when that occurs is different for each account. It does not feed GB as they occur. Oh and the timing of when they occur can change so don’t worry if that happens.

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It all runs through a system called Plaid which acts as an interface between financial institutions and financial apps. Each institution will have its own frequency on which its data is sent to Plaid and then to apps. You will not have any control over that frequency.

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Thanks, it came through for the first time today and I got to see how I’d accept those transactions

I already lost the connection to our checking account once. Super hard to match the duplicate transactions without having the main account update.

I love the idea of having a “get updates/refresh” feature as I usually download all transactions weekly.