How do I sync Debt Transactions and Monthly Fills

I have my mortgage payment set up as a debt transaction (paid on the 6th of each month) but why is the envelope filling up every other month? How can I change the fill so that my envelope is not in the red? Thank you for your help.

It looks like there’s more than one thing happening here—first, your Fill isn’t putting any money into your envelope, it’s just zeroing it out. You’d need to do an extra fill by the 1st to make sure your envelope is in the green before the payment comes out in the 6th.
The “every other month” fill looks like you have either a bi-monthly Fill or bi-monthly budgeting that isn’t aligned with your mortgage spending. Try going into “all scheduled transactions” to see whether the mortgage fill was somehow instructed incorrectly. In this case, I would make sure there’s monthly Fill for that envelope with instructions to “Set to $1714.63” so that you’ll have exactly that much at the start of the month. Also be sure there’s no other monthly or bi-monthly Fill to that envelope—any others should show “Add $0” there.
Does that help?