How do I retroactively change my budget?

Now that the year is almost over, I see I overbudgeted for some things and overspent for others, I’d like to shift money between lines: e.g. less for entertainment and more for treats because of Covid :wink: Is there a way to do that? When I reduce the monthly budgeted amount for entertainment the monthly “goal” in my overall budget is smaller, but I want it to go back, reduce the amount for each month, and give me a revised smaller amount that’s left to spend, while also reducing my negative unallocated amount.

Is there a way to do that without going back and typing in a new amount for each month?

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Hi Singout,

That definitely happened to me too. For me, the funds in my Gas Envelope weren’t getting used while Groceries increased (snacks!). Instead of editing all past fills to reduce the amount in the overbudgeted envelope, I created Envelope Transfers to move the money to envelopes that need it or back to Unallocated.

Thank you! Very helpful!