How Do I Plan for a Non-Repeating Expense?

What is the best way to budget for a non-repeating expense? To give an example, this month I paid for a company to calculate my credit score. It’s a one-time expense; I won’t be paying for it every month or even every year; nor is it a larger expense like a vacation that I might create a goal for. These things come up all the time (a home repair might be another example), though, so I was wondering how best to budget for them—perhaps an Other envelope?

I think that’s a good solution. I have an envelope for “unexpected/intermittent” expenses and I use it for things like that. It’s just sort of a catch all for the expenses that don’t seem to fit anywhere else but definitely pop up. It’s also where I might put things like appliance repairs or maybe a bill from the vet.
On another note—I don’t know if you’re writing from the US but I wanted to mention for US readers that credit scores are available at no charge. There are reputable apps that let you track your scores regularly without hurting your score and everyone is entitled to a free copy of their full credit report annually from each of the three credit reporting bureaus. It’s a good idea to review them for any errors or inconsistencies.
Hope this helps!

Thank you, Tiffany. I’m writing from Canada, but I’m sure there’s something similar available here. :slightly_smiling_face:

Just to add my 2p, I have a “Miscellaneous” Envelope in my budget as well! I’ll just throw random things in there, and on more than one occasion I’ve looked inside and decided I need a new category and split a new Envelope off from it :>

Thanks, Alex.