How do I look go back in time to look at old spending history from previous dates?

But the reports feature only shows the history in an aggregated format. For example it likes to group things by envelopes but I can’t see any more granular than that. Can I see it on a case-by-case basis where I can see each and every individual transaction that I’ve made for that month?

You can choose Reports and from there you have several options for filters. That will generate a report of your transactions limited to those parameters. I’m not sure about Android but that’s available on iOS and of course on the web.
Hope that helps!

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But the reports feature just shows me the history in an aggregate format and doesn’t allow me to see my transactions on a case by case basis.

I use the advanced search option on the home page of the website. There you can enter specific criteria then produces a list of transactions that meet that criteria.

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