How do I fill the envelopes two times a month on certain dates?

My budget is set to semi-montly, to roll over every 15th and 30th, however I am unable to set the same thing to my “fill envelopes”. The only option close enough is every two weeks and this doesn’t work for me. How do I do this?

There are at least three options:
I find the easiest way is to create two different (even if duplicate) monthly Fills—one scheduled every 15th and one every 30th.
Another option is to set the Fill for every month, then use the “Enter Now” feature on the correct dates. Alternatively, you could save the function as a Quick Fill and drop it in when needed.
Hope that helps!

Thank you Tiffany! I created two monthly fills, however one of them shows as Unallocated. Does it mean that I will have to manually fill the envelopes every month?

It sounds like it’s just missing its “Scheduled” check mark. Without that, Goodbudget assumes you’re adding it today even if it’s post-dated. It’s safe to delete the extra fill(s) for today.
You may need to rebuild them both making sure you indicate that they will each be a monthly scheduled fill in the future. Sorry I wasn’t clear about that. After that, they’ll drop in automatically on the dates you indicated :blush:

It is definitely scheduled, but still shows as unallocated. I’ll see what it does I guess…

That’s very odd—a scheduled transaction should show only in Pending status and won’t affect any of your envelope balances, even Unallocated.
Is this what you’re seeing in your “Scheduled Transactions”?

Hi @merrins - Sorry for the trouble! Does your scheduled transaction look like the one in the screenshot I’ve attached?

If so, you just scheduled it as an Income to Unallocated. In that case, you’ll just need to delete it and recreate it as a Fill from Unallocated.

If that doesn’t help, feel free to email us at so we can take a look at your Household. Thanks!

Hi Karisa, yes, it looks like this. I will try and recreate it as you suggested. Thank you!

I can’t fill it from unallocated, because there is nothing in Unallocated funds unfortunately.

This depends on your income stream. Do you receive income on the 15th and 30th? If so, you’ll input it as a scheduled “Fill From New Income” instead of from Unallocated. Each occurrence will both add the money to your account and distribute it into your envelopes.
If you get paid differently, you’ll enter each paycheck as income to Unallocated, and when the next Fill comes around there will be money there from which you can draw. :blush: