How do I completely erase everything and start over?

I’m still showing red even though there is money in my account. I need to just start all over again.

There IS a way to start all over, but you probably don’t need to!
Usually if you have money but still see red, you just need to fill your envelopes from Unallocated.
Do you have money there but not in your budget envelopes?
Remember that the Envelopes and Accounts represent the same money from different perspectives, so having money in Accounts won’t do anything to your envelopes. You’ll have to fill them with that money in order to use them in your budget.
Does that make sense? And if not, could you share a screenshot of your Envelopes page, so we can see the budget lines?

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It does make sense but I don’t know how to change it from Unallocated. Can you tell me how to do that?

And also please tell me how to reset just in case. Thank you!

So Unallocated is just a special “envelope” where any money you haven’t assigned hangs out, waiting for a job. The easiest way to give that money an assignment is to do a “Fill from Unallocated” instruction. On a browser you’ll see a Fill button at the top, and on the phone app you have to dig a little bit. On the iPhone you start a transaction, and where it says “Expense” you change it to “Fill from Unallocated”. Then you can deal that money into your envelopes until they’re all full or Unallocated is down to zero.
(Side note—you can also fill or add to one envelope at a time by doing an Envelope Transfer from Unallocated to the one you want to top off)
I’d have to go find the reset instructions—there’s a way to do it but unless you really just want a totally blank slate it’s usually not worth it. You can accomplish basically the same thing by editing your account balances so they’re current, putting everything back into Unallocated (by Setting every envelope to 0 in a Fill instruction) and then just refilling your envelopes the way you want them.
I hope that helps!

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Thank you! You saved me!

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So glad it helped!! :heart: