How do I add an already saved total to each envelope?

It seems you can only add the weekly (or monthly) amount to set up but then I can’t add the amounts actually saved (in my bank account) to make the app accurate. I’m really frustrated with it and don’t find it easy to use at all.

If I understand what you’re saying, you want a Savings envelope that’s not “in the budget”, right? Or maybe you just want to have a Savings account that isn’t part of your Available balance?
For mine, I created Annual envelopes (you could easily use Goals too) and allocated my savings account balances to them. My monthly fills are told to “Add 0” to those envelopes, which keeps them at their current balance, and when I make a deposit, transfer money or receive interest I do those transactions separately.
Is that what you’re looking for?

No that isn’t what i mean.
I currently have ‘envelopes’ in my bank account i.e power @ $20 week, now totalling $200 etc (approx 10)
I was hoping to consolidate them all into an offset account but i need a system to keep track of them all, easily. I thought this would be it but it seems you can only add a weekly or monthly etc amount but cant put in what i have in actual accounts. Does that make sense?

I’m still not quite sure, but when you say you have envelopes “in accounts”, you mean in Goodbudget or at the bank? If you mean Goodbudget, then I do see your confusion.
Envelopes aren’t tied to accounts in the app—they’re two independent ways of looking at the same money. As such, you wouldn’t have a separate account for envelopes; that’s already built in to the functionality.
Most people work almost entirely in Envelopes except to reconcile accounts.
Let’s say you have a checking account with a balance of 500 and a savings account with a balance of 1000. Your “Available” total in Envelopes will be 1500. To exclude the savings from money available to spend, put it in a savings envelope, then Available will drop to 500. Fill the regular envelopes with the 200 you mention above, and the Available total drops to 300.
This is the same whether you have one checking account with 500 or five accounts with 100 each. The money on the Accounts page shows where it’s physically stored, while the envelopes page aggregates it to help you see how it’s used.
I hope I’ve understood your question and that this helps it make sense!

Thanks but no, you have totally missed what I meant (& said) .
I don’t know how to be any clearer. I currently have 10 “buckets” in use, in my ACTUAL bank account and want this app to reflect that
I have set up the envelopes with the weekly amount to go in but I can’t add actual amounts that I already have (so the app looks the same as my bank), I want this app to reflect my actual bank accounts.
I’ts ok, I have found a spreadsheet that is simple to use and does most of what I want.
It’s only been one day but I’ve had enough of this app already lol.

Lol ok you have Ally Buckets (unless another bank has Buckets too). Even if you don’t end up using Goodbudget, I still don’t understand why you don’t just have a Bucket with 1000 for “Vacation” at the bank and an Envelope called “Vacation” that you fill with 1000 in the app? Are you just saying you never filled your envelopes to match your bank account when you created them? That’s just one step—Fill from Available. Then your future transfers add to the envelope in Goodbudget just like they add to the bucket at the bank.
Anyway, I hope you find something that works for you and is more accessible than a spreadsheet :smiling_face:

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Hi Tracey,

I think you’re saying you’ve already saved 500 for Vacation, for example, and you want your Vacation Envelope in Goodbudget to reflect that. Is that right?

If so, you’ll just add 500 to Vacation when you fill that Envelope – you don’t have to only add the weekly or monthly amount.

I don’t know what platform you’re using, but you can do that on the website by creating a Fill from Available, and then entering 500 in the amount field next to your Vacation Envelope.

I hope that helps!

Yes thank you Karisa, thats correct. But I’m alo saying I cant change any totals in the envelopes. I don’t know what I’ve done wrong but i’m stuck with incorrect amounts. It’s very frustrating.

Hi Tracey,
May I recommend that you try an Envelope Transfer of $200 from Available to Power to make the bucket match the envelope? That will move the money into the envelope and equalize your envelope and your bucket.
It’s a simpler way than adding a “Fill from Unallocated” transaction but you can only do one at a time instead of fixing them all at once.
To make them all align in one transaction, perform a new “Fill from Available” as Karisa linked, be sure that any envelope you don’t want to change says “add 0”, then add the missing amounts to the ten envelopes that match your budget buckets. That will fill them all with the amounts in your buckets and any additional transfers later will add to the total.
Also be sure any recurring Fills are instructed to Add to those envelopes, not Set, because Set is a reset function that takes them up or down to the budgeted target.