How can I set up debt payments to myself?

This may be a unique case, but does anyone have a good way to track debt payments to yourself?

I have a bank account set aside for a specific purpose and recently had to “borrow” money from that account. Is there a way I can set up a debt account to track repayments from other accounts back into my own bank account? Right now the Debt accounts seem to only allow you to make outgoing payments so the money leaves the budget entirely.

Account A has some amount of money allocated to Envelope A.

I “Borrow” $10,000 from myself and move it from Accnt A and Env A to Account B and Envelope B.

Is there a way I can track ‘debt’ payments coming from Accnt B and Env B that go back into Accnt A and Env A instead of just being taken out of the Accnt B as a debit?

In this case it might be best done using a Credit Card Account rather than a Debt Account.

Using your example, if you set up a Credit Card with a balance of 10,000 and increase the relevant Account that got that amount by 10,000, your household total balance will stay the same, but you’ll have a new Credit Card (“debt”) Account showing how much you “owe” yourself. Then you can use Account Transfers into that Credit Card Account over time to “pay off” your debt, and track its progress toward 0 that way?

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