How can I import my account from usaa

Hello, I would like to import my account from usaa, how do I do that?

Also, why can’t we connect to our accounts? Link?

Goodbudget isn’t designed to link directly to your bank accounts (which I personally love because it makes me more mindful of my budgeting!), but importing transactions is very easy. Just go to USAA and download the transactions you want to bring over (I find a .qfx file works best). Then from your Goodbudget Account page, select your USAA account and Import. You’ll be prompted through the process, then you’ll see a list of all the transactions you’ve downloaded.
Goodbudget will attempt to match them to the line items you’ve already entered and color code them for confidence level, but you can unmatch them if there’s an error. Any brand new transactions can be easily assigned to envelopes at that time as well.
Hope that helps!

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Hi Tiffany, on another topic, if I had an idea that would improve the goodbudget app and your developers and all impletmented it, how does someone get competsated for the idea?

thank you

Lol “my” developers—thanks for the vote of confidence but I’m just a user like anyone else! :grin:
But I don’t think they buy ideas from us. We just submit our thoughts to the team and they put them on the list of suggestions. You can see what they’re working on on their roadmap, but we’ve made lots of recommendations over the years that either weren’t popular enough or required bandwidth they didn’t/don’t have in place. If you search the forums you can find the link to the “suggestions” process, but there’s no financial aspect. (I usually link it here but I’m on mobile and don’t have it handy, sorry.)

I’m back at my laptop now; here’s the link to make suggestions for the development team. Also, here’s the Roadmap where you can see what’s currently in the pipeline.

Your compensation is getting to use the feature you thought of for at most a few dollars a month, without having to design, code, build, and maintain a budget app yourself :+1: