Hiding or deleting enveloppes?

I have created “temporary enveloppes” related to projects that are meant to last several months only, and that works very well for me. However my screen “enveloppes” is too busy if I don’t delete or hide the “now useless” enveloppes.

I understand it’s possible to delete enveloppes but I don’t want to lose the old data: can you please clarify what happens when deleting an enveloppe ?
What’s your recommendation to best deal with my use case ?

Thanks again for this great app I found it truly amazing !

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You won’t lose any data if you delete the envelope or even an account. The data won’t show up, but if you happen to do a search or some other function that will require showing the deleted envelope or account it will show up and noted as DELETED.


Very clear thank you, worked like you mentionned !