Happy New Year - MAYBE?

Hi all, Another new user here and my apologies for asking a question that I’m sure has been asked before but with all the posts and groups that alone is daunting…

I would like to “reset” my whole budget year for 2024, you know; start clean, begin again. I do not want to keep my transaction I would just like to start at zero beginning January 1st. I can alter my envelopes for my new budget year but would just like to start anew.

I use Good Budget as a daily reminder if I am exceeding monthly budgets which I track elsewhere.

All help is apprecaited!!!

To really clear it all out and start over, the admin team have a nice explanation here showing you how to clear all your data. There are fairly straightforward ways to get back on track if you DON’T want to do that too, so the choice is ultimately yours. Hope that helps!

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Tiffany, thank you for the reply and the link. In the end, I deleted all my transactions (which I had elsewhere), reset the monthly envelopes and ready to roll. The instructions in the “clearing your Data” would have been easier instead of deleting transactions in “clumps”. All good and thanks again for the prompt reply. Here’s to a wonderful 2024. Cheers

Every few years I do a complete reset and start over from scratch. My envelope setup has evolved since the early days and every now and then it’s just simpler to shake the etch-a-sketch.