Groups impact on Monthly and Annual Envelopes

I just started to use the Group Feature… I like that on the phone it will group envelopes from both the monthly and annual section, however, I do rely on the TOTAL for monthly that seems to have disappeared on the phone. The reason I rely on this is when I “roll” the budget on the first of each month, I can sweep whatever is left to an envelope I want. I need to make sure that in TOTAL I’m not going over in the month for all monthly envelopes (as some envelopes in monthly might go over but others “cover” for it. Kinda like the Food groups, I may have left over in groceries so dining out will go over. But this is more a look at the WHOLE envelopes for monthly). I can still see it on the web version, but not on my phone (iOS). Is that gone forever if I use groups?

Hi Sacha,

It’s true that with Groups on iOS, envelopes will no longer be grouped by period and you will lose the total amount in envelopes by period. Regarding your fill behavior, we didn’t show the total amount filled in all monthly envelopes on iOS, so were you relying on the envelopes being listed together to check their individual amounts?