Great job on the iOS app “Income”

I just wanted to say I really like the change to the income entry on the iOS app. Having a two-step process makes it more intuitive to add income and allocate it as desired. Thanks!!


I have to disagree. There was an easy way to just reset all envelopes to the budgeted amount - this new income allocation process is frustrating. I overspent in one envelope, received refunds in that envelope, then tried to reset to budgeted amount at the beginning of the month. The new process set the envelope to the budgeted amount and then added those refunds on top of it.

Hi Andrew,

I think I understand what you’re saying there and what might have gone wrong, but would you shoot us an email at so we can make sure? It’ll complete our understanding of what you’re talking about if we can take a look at your household and see what exactly happened there.