Goodbudget skips a month for monthly income

Hi. I set up my income payments to be recurring monthly, and added the first one for Jan. 1st. When Goodbudget shows the next one that will be made, it’s listed for March 1st. Can anyone tell me why it would have skipped February and how to fix that? Thanks!

Hi Allie,

I’m not really sure why it might have skipped February (it might’ve been back-posted or accidentally posted early?) but you should be able to fix it by clicking on the future scheduled one and changing its Date to February 1 like it seems you want! I’m pretty sure that should reset the monthly ordering properly.

Thanks so much for your help. That worked!

The fix is pretty easy—just open the one scheduled for March (don’t “enter now”, just open the pending transaction) and change the date to February 1. It should note that the next ones will fall on 3/1, 4/1, etc.
I’m not sure why Feb was skipped initially, but I suspect you may have entered a scheduled transaction back dated for 1/1/23, but then maybe entered the February one for this month? Either way, changing next month’s and assuring it’s scheduled for every one month should fix it for you.
Hope that helps!