GoodBudget Fill Doesn't Fill - Zeros Out

I’m having a very strange time filling my envelopes this month.

As you can see from the screen shot, I’ve added my monthly fill, but instead of adding money to the Envelopes, it’s zero-ing them out.

However, as you can see from the screenshot of my Food envelope, the right fill with the right amount rolled over is in there, $941.27.

So is this just a bug? I’ve logged in and logged out on both the web app as well as my phone and both of those strategies did not work.

Thank you for any help!

Did you take this screenshot just now? Depending on where you are, it seems like the time zones can affect the Fills, although it certainly looks like you’ve got 941.27 in the envelope but it’s showing 0.00 on the sidebar. And you’ve filled from new income; I assume that was your intention as well.
It does look a little glitchy to me because the Total at the top of your envelopes should match the combined total in your Accounts tab, which can’t be zero as is shown here (I mean it CAN, but you’d have to have zero balances in all your accounts). I think this is a question for the Admins, and not something we can solve in the forums, sorry!
I’m sure @alex or @karisa will have a better answer!

Yes exactly. I filled from my monthly new income. Originally it worked but duplicated the monthly new income fill so I deleted that transaction, but then THIS happened. :melting_face:

I would appreciate any insight from @alex or @karisa - thanks Tiffany!

Huh. I can’t say what’s happened, but you’re right that it shouldn’t have happened, based on the screenshot. Can you shoot us an email to with your Goodbudget email so we can take a closer look and get you sorted?

Already did last night/this morning! Haha. Should have been in your inbox around 12:49 AM PST