Goal Envelope Weekly Amounts

Hi! Long-time GB/EEBA user. Overall I am always super happy with GB and recommend it to friends looking for help budgeting.
Recently in my Budget, my Goal Envelopes do not show weekly amounts, regardless of how I update the goals/due dates. I am having to manually figure those amounts on a spreadsheet to be sure I’m staying in budget. This is happening both on Goodbudget on the web (Windows) and the Android app (the app shows the weekly goal amounts as part of my budget total, but is inconsistent with showing the correct weekly amounts for each envelope).
Is this a bug that is being worked on?

Hi Bixie23,

Sorry about that. The budgeted amount issue for Goal Envelopes you’re experiencing is a bug that we are aware of and we’re planning on releasing a fix in the coming month. Will update you when it’s resolved.

Thanks for your patience,

Quick followup – we’ve just done a release to fix this issue. Goal Envelopes (and other Envelopes longer than Monthly) that have Due Dates should once again properly calculate budgeted amounts that adapt to how much you’ve saved and how far away you are from the specified Due Dates.

Hope that helps! Let us know if there are any questions.