GB account total not matching bank account total


I am new to GB and am struggling with my account total on GB getting out of sync with my actual bank account total.

When I started I added everything in that I could and made sure the totals matched. Over time the accounts didnt match anymore. Yesterday I did a dummy transaction to make them match again and today, they dont match again.

I am worried the envelopes budget isn’t reliable as it doesn’t reflect my real world bank account balance, even though all of the transactions match for the last two months (I printed my bank account transactions and marked them all off in the app transactions).

What is going on here?


Hi and welcome!
Are you entering transactions manually or having them import automatically? The process is a bit different in each circumstance. It’s hard to imagine exactly what you’re seeing, but some things I would consider first:
The Accounts and Envelopes show the same money from two different perspectives. Accounts should show real-life balances day-to-day. As such, you’ll only really be in the Accounts tab during envelope Fills and account reconciliations.
The Envelopes show all that same money and its assignments, with any over- or under budget money in the Available pile.
If you started Goodbudget with the balance in an account as of that day, the only transactions you would add are any that weren’t already reflected at the bank plus any new spending. Is it possible that some previously “pending” or outstanding transactions have cleared? Setting things up between statements in the first month can be a little tricky as a result, but then it’s typically smooth sailing.
Moving funds between or among envelopes won’t change your account balances at all, but individual transactions will. Dummy transactions aren’t the best way to make early adjustments as they affect both envelope and account balances; better to just edit the account balance to reflect the seemingly missed transactions.
Does any of this seem like it could be related to what you’re seeing?

Hi Tiffany,

I am entering them manually. I am using the free version and so have the one account and rately look at it other than to check its total matches the total of envelopes (and ideally the total in my bank account).
I also dont use the available envelope. We have a weekly and fortnightly income that is split in to all envelopes in their entirety (so there is none left available).

We’ve been using the app for two months now. At the start I didnt know how to use the account function and so i just set up every envelope and made sure they had the right amount as per when i did it in excel manually. After a week or so of use i made sure all the account totals and envelope totals were accurate. Since then it has become not aligned again. I am accounting for if transactions have cleared with the bank or not in relation to if i have input them manually.

It sounds like the initial account/envelope setup is where things went awry. The design is for you to input your account balance first, then use that money to fill your envelopes.
The easiest way to confirm the alignments IMHO would be to move all the envelope money into Available and confirm that the total matches the account total. (Make note of the current envelope balances first, and the simple way to zero them out is to do a Fill and just mark every envelope as “Set to 0”) If they match, you’ve just over- or under-filled the envelopes (assuming you agree with the account balance). If they don’t, you’ll want to contact the Goodbudget support staff and ask them to take a look.
Once all your money is in “Available” you can then use it to fill your envelopes back up with the amount you intend to spend before your next Fill, and when you get to 0 in Available you will have assigned all your funds until the next payday.
Hope that helps!
(PS-I have also on occasion helped new users over Zoom calls, but I’m always clear that I’m just an experienced user and not Goodbudget staff, and of course there’s no cost lol)

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Hi Tiffany, I’m having the same issue. Kinda crazy, because I’ve watched all of the videos on how to use Good budget, I’m conformable working on the website, and I understand the envelope principal. However, there’s a LOT more money in my good budget account vs my real account. (I don’t feel conformable syncing my accounts (giving them my account info), so I log things manually). I also have the app. I look at it before I make a purchase, then log it after I make a purchase.
All I know is that my grand total amount keeps going up, even after I’ve logged my purchases.
Any help is greatly appreciated.

Thank you,

Ok i will give this a go and let you know if it works.

My good budget is actually lower than my actual account :woman_shrugging: haha i am not as well versed as you so i am not sure if its a me thing or an app problem… i too wont sync it as i dont feel comfortable with that.

The envelope totals and account totals match. I set envelopes at zero and the account total still didn’t match my actual account total. I deleted the transaction i created to try to make the account totals match and have instead edited my bank account and that extra amount is now sitting in available… i will leave it a couple of days and see if the totals go out of alignment again and then contact support if they do…

In this case it’s an easy fix! If your envelope totals and account totals match each other, but not your real bank, you just have an anomaly in your Goodbudget account balance. Instead of creating a “regular” transaction, go to the Account tab and choose Edit. Change the Account balance to the actual balance you expect to see.
This will create a line item for the adjustment but it won’t be linked to an actual envelope, and the Available total will change by that much. Redistribute the new total among your envelopes with either a “Fill from Available” or individual envelope transfer(s) from Available, and you should be all set.
If you’ve already reconciled that account, then the next reconcile could be tricky, but I won’t go into that here just yet :slight_smile:


Hopefully that works! Thanks for your help :blush:

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Hi Kimberly,
That’s an interesting observation. Are you using a credit card account for your purchases? If so, then the credit card balance will go up but it represents an increase in debt, not funds.
If not, are you choosing the Expense option for each transaction, vs Credit? Even if you used a credit card to make a purchase, choosing Credit for the transaction type indicates a refund, which would increase your available balance.
Could either of these things be the cause?
(I’m not using sync either because I prefer to enter transactions manually, and it’s an either/or proposition). Fingers crossed!

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Ok so it has been a week almost and i have just reconciled my account again and the figures don’t match up again. i am worried there is a glitch in the app. How can I get this looked at by someone please?

Did you make an adjustment to your bank balance? And if so, did you account for that in your “previous balance” at reconciliation?
If yes, just send an email to the admins from the address registered with Goodbudget and they’ll help get you sorted.

I did make an adjustment but i am not sure what you mean did i account for it 8n previous balance. Do you mean did i take that amount off the lrevious balance part? Then no i didnt. But also the amount the accounts are out by is different to the amount i adjusted the account by.

What email do i send to?

The address is support @, but they won’t be open until 9am Monday on the US east coast (GMT - 8).
I’d be happy to take a look if you wanted to share over Zoom, but I always preface that with the fact that I’m just a non-employee, purely volunteer, experienced user and some people are understandably uncomfortable with that. But the offer stands :smiling_face:

Thanks Tiffany. I will contact Good Budget in case it is a glitch and they will be able to fix it quicker.

Thanks for your help!

This happens all the time. I had to restart my data a few times. It does not sync correctly. I am not entering transactions ahead of time and let the transactions come in from the bank. Also, it does not handle debt and transfers correctly. The debt transactions come in as expense/credit transaction and cannot go directly into a debit envelope. Also, this happens with transfer between accounts. This comes in as an expense/credit and you have to change to a transfer. The program does not accept long transactions descriptions from the bank.

Sorry you’re having trouble with Bank Sync! Feel free to email us directly ( so we can take a look at your Household.

But, yes, Goodbudget won’t sync Debt Transactions. The workaround is to delete them and recreate them as manually entered Debt Transactions.