Filled Envelope with Negative Balance

Hello Community,

For the past few days my envelope is showing a negative balance even though it’s filled (image attached). I expect my envelope balance to reflect +$80.71 which is the balance after my last expense, but it does not.

Am I doing something wrong? Is this a software glitch of some sort? Can it be reset?

I appreciate your insight.

I’ve seen this or something like it rarely, and for me it’s resolved itself when I logged out and back in. (I think it was a sync issue between our multiple devices.) If that hasn’t worked, then hopefully the admins can shed some light.

Thanks Tiffany! I just refreshed my login for both the web version and the mobile app. So far there’s been no change with the envelope amount. I’ll see what the Admins suggest.

If it doesn’t fix itself after syncing / logging out and in, we may need to manually correct it. If you shoot us an email at with your login email, we’ll take a closer look.

The same thing’s been happening to me since 4/10 (at least that’s when I noticed). Last I heard the GB folks don’t have a fix yet.