Fill from Income

New to Good Budget, and November is our second month to use it. My wife and I budget last months income for the current month. So, all income added to Oct will be budgeted in Nov, i.e. envelopes filled. My wife has several streams of income. When she is paid, she loads the income as a transaction, which means throughout the month she will load a new transaction with income to be budgeted the next month. I get paid twice a month, I usually won’t load that as a transaction until the end of the month.

When filling envelopes, I can choose from new income or unallocated. But, where is the “new income” that my wife loaded throughout the month on the “fill from new income” tab? Do we literally have to wait until we are ready to fill our envelops to enter our income in order to fill from “new income?”

Because you’re filling from money you already have, you’re in a good place to “Fill from Unallocated”. When you get paid, just enter that income to your account and you’ll see your Unallocated balance go up. At the beginning of your next budget period, there will be enough in the Unallocated envelope to fill your budget.
“Fill From New Income” is better for folks who need to fill a bit at a time, and who don’t have a full budget period’s income in Unallocated, or for those who know exactly where each deposit will go e.g. a bonus that goes entirely to a Savings envelope. It basically just combines a deposit and a fill in the same entry.
Hope that helps!