Fill envelope based on budget periods since due date

Hi, new user here,
Really liking good budget so far. My question is related to the way envelopes are filled when starting a new budget. I would like to fill my envelopes based on the due date so I don’t have to manually calculate how much to fill.

Budget period is weekly.
Envelope is annual with due date set to 1/1/24.
When I fill the envelope I would like to fill based of the multiple of periods (weeks in this case) since the previous due date. In this case that would be 1/1/23
Is this possible?

Also I’m not sure if I’ve configured something wrong or if this is a bug, but the weekly fill amount suggested on the fill envelope page doesn’t match the weekly amount calculated on the envelope creation page.

(Could only upload one of the images in the last post)

In regards to the weekly amount changing, I found out what was happening. I wasn’t aware that if you set a due date and have not filled your envelopes, the weekly amount will scale with the time you have remaining. I would like to say incase any devs read the forum, can we get some of those little ‘?’ thingies next to input fields, so users can understand functionality more readily. There is no way for someone to know that adding a due date causes that functionality to activate, I had assumed it was to allow a progress bar to work properly. I haven’t had time to read any how to guides yet so i’m unsure if this information is specified already but putting that information right to the user when they are interacting with the program would most likely be a benefit.

Sorry for the confusion. It sounds like you’ve figured out what was happening there, but in case it would be helpful, you can read more about Due Dates in our Help Center here.

Thanks also for the feedback about them being confusing! We’ll take that into consideration.