Field Size change for Folder Description

I have gone back to modify some of my folder descriptions. In doing so I am finding the field will only allow me to type up to 14 characters whereas previously it allowed 34. After entering a grouping description, I have very little room to describe the folder.

Hi Gaz, which platform are you using? Can you send a screenshot of the error? I just tried making a new Envelope just now and was able to make it 35 characters long without issue, so at the very least it’s working in some places.

Screenshot 2023-08-04 at 6.20.37 AM

I just went to rename a couple of envelopes and was only able to enter 15 characters. At the moment I am using Safari on a MacBook.

ETA: creating a New envelope I was able to enter 45 characters

Hi everyone, quick follow-up: we did some investigating and found that there was an issue affecting only non-primary period Envelopes where the name field wasn’t allowing longer names. We’ve just done an update that should have resolved that, so you should be able to make Envelopes of all types up to 45 characters long again. Let us know if you have any further issues with this!