Feature Request: Split debt payments

I have a credit card that gives various different interest free terms for purchases above a certain amount. In order to track this I have these separated out as individual debts. For example, we bought a $3000 oven which gets 6 months interest free. I have this as its own debt line with a $500 payment per month.

When I pay the card, I pay the combination of the debt payments plus whatever is owing from general purchases. Ideally I would show this as one transaction in Goodbudget with a split between all of the debt payments, but this is not currently possible. I can see it would be a bit complicated because for each split it would have to show interest/principle etc, but it would be a nice feature.

In the meantime I’m using a work around with a dummy account that I make a transfer to for the full amount and then distribute the separate payments from there.

I’d just like to +1 this in its entirety. I understand that it would be complex but I too have done a “six months/ultra low interest” purchase on a card used for other everyday transactions, and I did the same thing with creating two “accounts” on the same card to track the balances and be sure I didn’t accrue interest on any new purchases.

Hi @Dexter and @Tiffany,

Thanks for posting! I’ve actually never heard of anything like this, so thanks for letting us know. I’ve added this to our feature tracker for future consideration.

In the future, to make a formal request, be sure to fill out this form that Alex made.

Thanks again!