Envelopes rolling over when set

Hi all,

I started creating my envelopes and transactions for Nov.
I went back and filled my envelopes for Oct as well as the transactions.
I now find my current envelopes have had the unused amounts from last months rolled over even when I chose the “Set” option.
The Fill Envelope transaction is set to “Add” from the looks of things when I view it from my transaction and I am unable to set it to “Set”.
I have deleted this Fill Envelope and recreated a couple of times and the same thing happens.
Any advice please?

Once you have entered a Fill you can’t go back and retroactively change it between Add and Set, but you CAN open the posted Fill and change the values to reflect the true budgeted amount.
I suspect that because of the way the buttons are highlighted in your scheduled Fill you’ve got them reversed; IMHO the highlighted choice seems to be grayed out and vice versa. If you go into your scheduled fills (assuming you have it set up that way) you can click on Set for each affected envelope and then save it that way for subsequent fills.
If that’s not what’s happening, the admins may be able to shed more light.

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