Envelope vs acct bal

Not sure how, but over time my envelope balance shows more than my acct balance. I want to “dummy” up a transaction to make them reconcile, but not sure how. For example, if I create a dummy food transaction, it will withdraw from my acct and lower the balance by the same amount. Is there a way to do this? If i can just get them to match at the end of the month, then I can start fresh in 2021

Just to understand, are you saying that your account balance doesn’t match your real world balance? Any transaction you enter should adjust both your envelopes and your accounts, so it sounds like that would just perpetuate the problem. If they’re incorrect, you can adjust your account balances manually which will create an adjustment transaction (you’ll need to keep this in mind the next time you reconcile though!) or you can do a Fill (which can be negative if needed) to correct an envelope.
Does that help?
PS—Do you have a negative “Unallocated” balance?

my real acct matches my GB acct. I think your suggestion of a negative fill is the ticket.

Another option would be to change your budget instructions to “Set” the budgeted amount on Jan 1 instead of “Add” any money to the envelopes. Then if you want things to roll over for the rest of the year, you can go back to using “Add” for future fills.

Hello! I am having the same issue and the Negative Fill fixed as well, but now I have that amount in unallocated? Is there a way to get rid of this?

If you did a negative Fill, the money that you un-Filled was moved to Unallocated.

The two ways of removing money from your household are either to Expense it out or to edit your Account balances. So if your Account balances are correct, then your Unallocated should also be accurate, even if it sometimes seems like it shouldn’t be.