Envelope remaining amount does not match

I am noticing that the remaining balance on one of my envelopes when looking from “all envelopes” view does not match the remaining balance when I look at the itemized line by line transactions inside the envelope

Any ideas how this could have happened or how to fix?

That does seem quite odd --if you’ve already refreshed your screen, logged out and back in and are sure it’s synced with anything you did on another platform then I’d ask the Admins to take a look. Those two numbers should be aligned and I don’t think it would be something you can fix on your own. Here’s hoping!

I did hit the sync button a few times and it was not working. However, I went to the website to see if the issue was also there which it wasn’t, it matched on the website. So the issue was only on my app.

So I went to the app settings in Android and cleared the cache and data, logged back in and did a larger resync and that did fix the issue.

I have Android app version 2.15 (180) if you want to report a bug.

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