Envelope not funding during fill

I create a goal envelope a few months back and later put a due date of 3/15. The envelope is not auto filling when I do my monthly budget and fill each envelope. Am I missing anything? At this point, at 2 months in after creating the envelope as a goal envelope at a certain $ amount, it is still sitting at $0.
Thank you

Be sure to check your monthly Fill. It sounds as if you created the envelope and budget, but never assigned money to be added to it. That’s a separate step; you’ll either need to add that instruction to your existing monthly Fill or create a new one just for your goal envelope.
Hope that helps!

Just to add on with what Tiffany said, we were also hearing occasional reports that Due Dates were interfering with people’s Fills (i.e. they weren’t Filling even if they were scheduled to). It sounds like you could be experiencing this (or maybe just what Tiffany’s said), but if that sounds like what’s happened, please shoot us an email at support@goodbudget.com with your Goodbudget email address, and we’ll take a closer look!