Envelope No Longer Required

Dear Goodbudget,

I’m wondering what to do with an envelope that is no longer required. Let’s imagine that one had an envelope set aside for physiotherapy, for example. After completing treatment, it is no longer required. Which option would make more sense: delete the envelope or change the monthly budgeted amount to zero?

A second, related question: if one were to delete the envelope, what would happen to those fills and transactions that already been assigned to the envelope? Let’s assume the balance for the envelope is at currently at zero. Will that muck up my current budgeting?

Hi MichaelandFarah,
Either option is fine. If you delete the envelope, none of your transactions will be deleted but they’ll just show the name of the old envelope struck through and marked “deleted”. Your balances and budget won’t be affected.
You may also choose to keep it with a zero budget If you think you might use it again, or if you wanted to rename it to something more broad—maybe it becomes your “healthcare” envelope for example. Unfortunately there’s not currently an option to “hide” or “archive” an envelope, although if you think this would be helpful please let the developers know so they can add your vote to the request list.
Hope that helps!

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Thank you!