Envelope fill help - “review and save”

I created my budget and envelopes but I got a major expense incorrect so now I need to rebalance my budget.

I’m setting up every two weeks fill with the first fill to happen on 6 January.

When I look at it on the web, the review and save section I thought would show me if my balance is negative, positive or balanced.

But it just showed
“Income __” and “budgeted __” with no figures In there? Why is this and how to I then manually set up a fill in the future. Either budgeted amounts or adjusting it ans have the app show me how far out my budget is?

Ok. So I was able to get it to behave how I would expect by opening the web browser on my phone. Not on Chrome or Safari on my MacBook though?

I think you might have been looking at a new Fill versus a scheduled Fill. The Review and Save section is different in those two places, because if you’re making a new Fill it’ll calculate numbers there, whereas in scheduled Fills those fields are "–"ed out instead.

If it’s important to you to be able to see the exact changes of the Fill, the best way to do this in the future might be to delete your existing scheduled Fill and create a new one, as the first creation will let you play around with the numbers.

Thanks, yes I found it a bit confusing at first. In the end what I did was went to the income section, selected the income I had scheduled and then it allowed me to fill from there. I got a bit confused at the new fill because am I also adding an income at that point? I did initially schedule it to automatically fill envelopes but then I realised I had a big expense coming up next pay with a higher mortgage payment than usual. In reality I think I’ll need to sit down each two weeks for awhile anyway, so maybe I’ll just fill

Once each fortnight from that column. With my extra, smaller income streams I’ve just put them
Into unallocated. If I needed to pool them though to do my fills what is the best way to do that? It seemed the way I did it, I was giving the dollar of each specific income a job. Is there a way to look at the total
Figure of all scheduled incomes and fill from there? Or do I do it by each income, If that makes sense