Envelope current balance not right

Hi there, I have been using goodbudget for many years, originally to get myself out of self inflicted credit card debt. I don’t think I use the envelopes in the way intended but rather to just track expenditure on various different cards and accounts and at a glance based on the envelope totals I know which card/which account I have funds in. Problem is last couple of days the envelope window doesn’t show the current correct totals but you can see them when you go into the envelopes individually? Has something changed or is there a quick trick to reset the envelope totals to match the running total within the envelopes?

Hi there – if your current and running balances aren’t matching, that probably means something went a little awry (maybe an improperly saved transaction). Can you shoot us an email at support@goodbudget.com with 1) your Goodbudget login email address and 2) the Envelope(s) that you’re seeing the problem on so we can take a closer look for you? Thanks!