Envelope Budget Amount Shows Whole Dollars Only?

I notice that when you set budget amounts for each envelope, it shows the ROUNDED whole dollar amount. I realize that it does show the actual amount you want to budget right under that, but it doesn’t make sense to have a budgeted amount of $6.48 and it will only put $6.00 in that envelope. I either have to set the amount to $7.00 and deal with leftover change at the end of each month, or leave it as is and reconcile it at months end. Is there a way around this so that the amount I set to budget is the actual amount that gets filled in that particular envelope?

Hi there,

You should definitely be able to both set decimal budgeted amounts as well as add (and subtract) decimal amounts from those Envelopes. Can you post a screenshot of specifically where you’re seeing the rounded amounts so we can take a closer look?

@toddpianoworks I think I know what you mean, however , despite the number showing up in the Edit Envelope list section as rounded, it’s the amount that you fill that specific envelope with that will matter most, and you can still be very specific to the penny when you set the envelopes budget, as you observed. The budgeted amount is simply the amount that you can Add or Set to when you fill your envelopes.

So, as an example, I have to budget $550.02 for a car loan, and I budget that car loan envelope to the penny. When I look at my Edit Envelopes view, I only see $550. But when I am allocating new income and Filling Envelopes and can select the option “Set to Budget Amount $550.02” and it will allocate my income to the penny. Because I have two exact payments withdrawn each month, I’m always left with $0 and I don’t need to reconcile. This only works, obviously, when transactions are predictable or set.

I hope this was what you were having issues with and this helped!

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