Editing transactions -splitting

I have a transaction for $200 every month. It is a transfer to a different bank where I have a car loan. $168 for the loan and the rest is for my car care envelope. I can’t split the transaction to a debt payment and allocate the rest to an envelope. How do I record it then?

You’ll have to set up two account transactions and then a Fill.
First, transfer all the money from Bank A to Bank B using an Account Transfer. Next, make a debt payment from Bank B to your car loan, leaving the remainder in Bank B.
Now you’ll do a Fill (or a Transfer from Unallocated; in this situation they’ll yield identical results) for the remainder into your car maintenance envelope.
The account doesn’t matter for envelopes; the money is all viewed in aggregate. You just want to do the transfer first so that your account balances will be accurate to your real-life accounts.
Hope that helps!

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