Edit transaction after its been confirmed (Premium sub)

Specific case: Received a credit for a return purchased. These types of transactions automatically come is a income or “available”. I wanted to put it in the envelope where it was spent. I accidently confirmed it as is. Once you confirm a transaction there doesn’t appear to be an undue button. Whats the best way to correct this?

I know I can simply allocate funds to the envelope in the amount of the return since technically thats where it went. The problem with this is in the reporting of income. These transactions now show up in the report “Income by Source”. Its silly to have a bunch of returns as a source of income. Additionally, when looking at the report “Spending by…” the return doesnt show up as its in the “Available” bucket.

In the end it doesnt create an issue for envelope balance but it reduces the usefulness of reports (IMO).

Hi there – Thanks for your post and sorry for the trouble! I’d recommend deleting the miscategorized imported transaction and then recreating it as manually created one.