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Is there a way to Edit a Quickfill? Just scheduled/sent the last payment for my Truck and would like to Adjust my Quickfill for a Lower Amount going to my New Vehicle Envelope but can’t seem to figure out where to do so. In this case I went ahead and Deleted the QuickFill and Recreated, but hoping there is an easier way.

Hi Mike,
I find that you can most easily edit QuickFills on the web browser. You’ll see an option to “See all your scheduled transactions” and your Envelope Fills will have their own grouping. Just open the Fill, make the changes you’d like, and save for the next fill. It’s possible to do it from the app, by viewing “More Scheduled Transactions” and then editing the future Fill, but the web option is more nimble in my opinion.
This is especially useful when you’ve made changes to your budget and want to confirm that the envelope behaviors reflect your new spending patterns.
Hope that helps!

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Hi Mike,

Tiffany’s given you great instructions for editing your scheduled Fills in the reply above. If you’re instead looking to see if there’s a better way to edit your Quick Fills as in the ones you can save with preloaded Fill options for later use, there is not a way to edit those, and if you want to make any adjustments, you’ll have to either do what you did and delete and recreate, or otherwise deploy the old one and make the slight changes you’re looking for.

What I do to edit a quick fill template (quick fill to be used for the future) is by creating a dummy fill envelopes transaction, use the quick fill template that needs to be edited, edit as needed, then save it. GB won’t allow you to save it with the same name so I just add an underscore after the name. Once saved the new quick fill is created. Then I delete the dummy transaction and the old quick fill template. This is pretty convoluted in my opinion, but it definitely beats recreating it from scratch, at least my situation where I’m filling many envelopes with different values.

GB really needs to add the ability to edit a quick fill template in a straight forward manner.

Thank you for your Response. Sounds like exactly what I was hoping/looking for. But I must be missing something, I do not see a “See all your Scheduled Transactions” or even an area for Scheduled Transactions. I am pretty new to GoodBudget, barely over a month of use thus far.

Disregard, found it. Unfortunately I do not have/use Scheduled Fills. I use a Quickfill as I am Depositing my Check.

Sorry—I missed the distinction in your first question. You can also use Scheduled Fills for income, especially if you get paid on a regular schedule. Whether you choose to fill envelopes with each paycheck or fill to Unallocated and then have the envelope fills as separate transactions would be your preference. Hope that helps!

Any word on when/if the capability of Editing QuickFills will ever be implemented? Seems like it would be a convenient and easily coded option. I, as I am sure others do as well, Manually run a “Fill Envelopes” in order to Fund my Envelopes and have a “couple” of QuickFills Saved. It would be “REALLY” handy if there were a way to “Edit” those Quickfills if say we would like to Change an Amount, if say we Add a new Category or our requirements for a particular category have changed and we need to put either more or less into a particular category. Though doable, it is a hassle to have to Create a “NEW” QuickFill and then Delete the old one.

Thanks for listening.

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Add me to this desired request.

Thanks for asking. We don’t currently have plans to implement a way to edit Quick Fills, but I’ve added both of your votes for this feature to our tracker for future consideration!