Do envelopes grow if you don't spend it all?

Hey Team,

New to the platform and couldn’t find an answer before I spent time filling a bunch of stuff in.

1st Question: If we budget $200 weekly for groceries and don’t spend it all, does the remaining balance roll over to the next week? (This is relevant for expenses like travel and gifts)

2nd Question, can we overdraw weekly expenses and have them fill up from negative balances as the weeks go on - again relevant for travel and such.

Thanks so much for the help!

Welcome!! The answer to both of your questions is Yes! To the first, I should mention that in addition to setting up your budget you’ll also need to set up Fills to put money in each envelope. In those fills, you’ll decide whether to Add a predetermined amount of money (which allows your leftovers to carry over) or Set the fill so it will just add enough to bring your envelope to its budgeted total.
Second, you can definitely be in the red in envelopes, but if you’ve assigned all your money this could lead to overdrafts in real life.
Hope that helps!!

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Thanks so much! Wonderful!