Discrepancy between Account and Transaction Totals

I noticed a discrepancy between my Transaction total and my Accounts total for my Visa Debt Balance.

I’d post a screenshot but I’m only allowed one media post as a new user (what happened to the previous Community?? I was active on there.)

The Accounts total on Android and the Web is accurate but the total under the Transactions is not, and is $243.26 higher than it should be. I thought I had a extra transaction somewhere but I don’t have a match and my Account totals would have been thrown off anyways.

This appears to be an issue with my MasterCard account too. These are both Debt Balances I’m tracking, however that might not be a factor in this issue, since my creditline debt I’m also tracking is balanced.

The top half of the image shows my Transaction total on Android and the bottom half shows the web’s Transaction total.


Thanks for your question – as for the old community, the service through which we ran it was deactivated by their parent company, so we’ve made the move to these new forums!

As for your question, it’s the kind of specific question that’s hard to get a handle on without being able to look deeper. Can you shoot us an email at support@goodbudget.com with your Goodbudget email address so we can take a closer look?