Deleting Savings Tab

I no longer wanted to track my savings, so I deleted it from my accounts. I pay attention to how much was in there and after I deleted it, it added it back into my unallocated money. Now I have no idea how to figure out to get rid of that money bc it doesn’t really exist. :confused:

It sounds as if you deleted a Savings envelope, but not an Account. Is that right?
If so, Goodbudget assumed you just didn’t need to assign the money, not that it wasn’t real. “Unallocated” includes the money from all your Accounts, so it must still be showing up over there too?
The easiest way to remove the money would be either to “spend” it, or to correct an incorrect balance in your Accounts. To spend, just transfer that amount from Unallocated to an envelope, then record a transaction for the same amount and call it “Adjustment” or something. It will affect your reports for the month but it will correct the available balance.
If it’s an incorrect Account balance, just edit the Account (to 0.00 if you don’t want it in Goodbudget at all) and that should fix it.
I hope this helps!

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